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May 8, 2010
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CivilWar SE by Dancing-Sword CivilWar SE by Dancing-Sword
Yeah, I wanted to give Ross the good ending and I included Astrid just because I was going to build up so much for her before getting knocked out and I didn't want to leave it unexplained.

And here’s the part where I explain/ruin everything! YAY!
What Stuff I Was Going To Do (Before I Lost): Ross and Astrid (the girl that has appeared as hallucinations in my entries) were once a couple, which explaining Ross’ unprejudiceness. The hallucinations, caused by a bad reaction to the medicine from the hospital and a concussion caused by Invictus, were going to lead to a series of flashbacks to show off more of Ross’ back story and stuff. I would have revealed more of Ross’ family and then have given Ross the happy ending by being reunited with Astrid (probably a much different reunion than this one).

What Stuff I Was Going To Do (Now That I Lost): After they leave the hospital, Ross and Astrid were going to meet up with Diana (who Ross said he was going to meet). Ross confronts Diana about what he saw, but only says that he doesn’t want to ever be bothered by her again or else he’ll tell Whelis. I didn’t put this in because the way I wrote it would have probably conflicted with the Round 4 contestants’ stories. If anyone wants to include this, go right ahead, but it doesn’t matter.

Quick Answers to the Comic:

-Ross - Ross is angry here mostly because he feels betrayed since Astrid lied about her own death. He quickly forgives her because he missed her and the whole near death experience doesn’t make him want to go pushing away friends.

-Astrid - Agent 457210, wields Heckler & Koch MP7 and Walther PPK (or at least these were going to be models for her weapons). A soldier in Exhuman equivalent to black ops. She and Ross’ relationship goes back to when they were kids, but they only started secretly dating four years ago (Neither did not want to get in trouble with/deal with the hassle from both the Exhumans and Puritans). She was reported dead 2 years ago so that she could operate under better cover. The relationship only ever went to 2nd base. ((I might add her full reference later.))

-The Paper - Made a guest appearance in Round 2. Is a picture of Ross and Astrid from when they started dating. I’ll probably do a drawing of it later.

-The Bag - It was supposed to be schematics for the robot projector Diana used in Invictus’ round. Ross would have then hacked the robot, got a copy of Diana and Invictus’ conversation and confronted Diana with this information.

-Stem Cell Surgery - I don’t know much about it myself, but since Civil War takes place in the far future, I’m assuming medical practices have evolved far enough to where this kind of thing is common. It does seem like a deus ex machina kind of thing to pull to heal Ross, but since Ross isn’t fully healed, he’s going to stick to pure sniping with Astrid as his guard.
hts99 Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
YAY Ross is alive <3
mellow-monsters Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Student Filmographer
This is a good ending for him! I glad you drew him surviving! <3
KaiserWilliams Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
Nice. = D

And yeah, confronting Diana could have caused some conflicts with what I've planned, depending on how that went.
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